Sparrow Lark Farm

Registered Gotland Sheep  -   Wool Products  -  Eggs

Sparrow Lark Farm has been a kernal-sized ember of a hope. It truly was an idea--a lark--a dream that has been doubted, set-back, and delayed--and despite all become a beautiful reality. Our focus is providing quality, registered Gotland Sheep, wool products, and eggs. Enriching the community through agriculture, sustainability, and "Ag"vocacy, is who we are and what we do. 

Silver Laced Sparrow

"Two sparrows in a hurricane, trying to find their way, with a head full of dreams and faith that can move anything." When I was trying to find the right name for my pup, Sparrow, this lyric from Tanya Tucker's song popped in my head and with good reason. I wanted a pup friend but I really needed a helper. I hoped that this new pup would become my partner in a dream that I had been holding onto for years and doubting from the beginning--my own farm. I needed a sidekick in the biggest plan and adventure of my life but I had no idea that she would be everything that kept me moving toward what became our farm. Sparrow passed in 2023 from liver failure. Her heart and help has left a big void that is felt every day. I am forever grateful for the love she gave to me, the help and care she gave to the sheep she loved (especially the lambs), and for the pawprints she left on her namesake, Sparrow Lark Farm. 

 "Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be."

Dr. Temple Grandin